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Clinical Trainings

To gain information regarding upcoming continuing education opportunities please click below.

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Professional Counselor Development

ALC Supervision

Counselor Supervision is a service provided to counseling program graduates who are pursuing licensure as associate licensed counselors or licensed professional counselors in the state of Alabama. Supervision is an interactive process intended to monitor the quality of client care, improve clinical skills, and facilitate professional growth.

Please complete the contact form to discuss eligibility and schedule an introductory supervision meeting. Please note that I schedule all of my meetings on Mondays or Fridays. I offer a combination of individual and group supervision. Virtual supervision sessions are also utilized as needed. Clinical Supervision services are provided by Dorothy McDermott, MS, LPC-S, NCC.


What are the Requirements to Participate in Supervision Services?

  • Successful completion of a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree program that qualifies you to pursue licensure as an Associate Licensed Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Alabama.

  • To learn more about these qualifications please visit the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling website at

  • Employment in a position that qualifies as counseling services as defined by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling

  • Willingness to carry your own liability insurance- and, etc.

  • Contact me to schedule a supervision introductory meeting.


What are the Benefits of Supervision?

  • You will receive quality supervision services that will permit you to develop a positive and resourceful identity as a Professional Counselor.

  • You will be moving toward the completion of licensure requirements and join a community of highly skilled, caring, and committed professionals.

  • You will gain support in the areas of client welfare, ethics, diversity, and professional development.

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Personal and Professional Development

These are coaching services for non-medical necessity services. Insurance is not accepted for these services.

Each client is seen as unique, which is why our services can be completely personalized to fit specific needs and preferences. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what we can do for you.

Red Rose

Business Development and Consultation


Spiritual Life Development

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